A Plant-Based Diet Could Change Your Life

Changing your diet could change your entire life.

In Health Works, we’re talking about a plant-based lifestyle with Dr. Thomas Campbell and Marc Ramirez, one of FOX 2’s former “Weight Loss Winners.”

Ramirez, a former football player in college at the University of Michigan, changed his diet and in two months and he got rid of type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and lowered his cholesterol.

Now four years later, he says he is medicine-free.

“I just went to my recent checkup in June and everything is normal,” he said. “When I converted to a whole food plant-based lifestyle, that’s when I noticed all my blood work getting better.”

Campbell, one of the authors of the China Study said animal products are bad for us.

“There is a mountain of research that shows a lot of components of plant foods are very healthy,” he said. “Things like fiber. Studies show that even adding a cup of beans to your diet can lower your blood sugar with diabetics by a significant amount.

A whole food, plant based diet can reverse heart disease.

“You look at populations over time you see people who are eating this way have lower rates of diabetes, high blood pressure.

“Vegans following a vegan diet have less cases of diabetes.”