We are a family of vegans who have taken to the web to spread the word of veg power! We focus on the latest news, products, recipes, nutrition and upcoming events in the veggie and vegan world and we also cover eco-friendly and self sustainable aspects of life that are all free from pain and suffering to all living beings.

The team:


Hi I’m Clayton, I’m 24 and a vegan, I became veggie 6 months into my relationship with Eliza, she opened my eyes to all the animal suffering that goes on in modern day farming, previously I was under the impression that all farmed animals lead a peaceful life in the open countryside until it was time for them to be eaten and that was just the way of things as it had been for thousands of years, how wrong was I? After being informed of the IMG_01573pain, suffering and mass death that occurs on a colossal scale I went veggie. 6 months later, after finding more information and a bit of self-education, we went vegan together! To me it made the more sense than anything had done in my life before, there are so many benefits to personal health, the environment and of course the lives of others who share this world with us. Now I am the wisest I have ever been, fittest I have ever been and now more motivated than ever! My aim is to one day open a farmed animal sanctuary that will give a peaceful, stress free life to those that humanity has forgotten, let down, used and abused, it is still just a dream at the moment but my new motto is dreams can become a reality!


Hi! I am Eliza. My journey to a more compassionate way of life started at the age of 11. Having been brought up on farms with working farming parents with my sister Bridie all our childhood, I saw the cruel reality behind where our meat comes from. I couldn’t understand why I was being told to treat our pet dogs nicely, whilst watching my mother tag lambs to go to slaughter.  So at the age of 11 I decided I wanted to go vegetarian. I did a lot of street fundraising, talks at school and a lot of online activism. In the 8 years of being vegetarian, the more I grew, the more information I discovered about the reality behind the egg and dairy industry. I was very naive as I thought the cows had a lovely life in the field and were milked once a day. Not truly realizing the cows would constantly be kept pregnant, to then lose their baby at birth just so we can drink their milk which is meant for their calf. I educated myself more, and I watched the film Earthlings. When I watched that I knew I had to do something. I had to work harder to improve the lives of all animals, not just meat animals. Me and my partner Clayton decided it only made sense that we go vegan. Since being vegan, I am still learning everyday about the health problems behind consuming animal products and the effect animal agriculture has on this planet. I have never felt so at peace with myself and the animals I share this planet with since being vegan. Until every cage is empty!


Hi my name is Bridie! I have grown up from an agricultural background and spent most of my life living on farms. Having witnessed the atrocities first hand on what goes on behind the scenes of the meat industry, I realised the extent of abuse and pain animals suffered at the hand of humans. My sister Eliza has always inspired me to think outside the box and educate myself and further my knowledge of the abhorrent cruelty that is involved in creating those everyday essentials such as milk and sausages as well as that of the egg industry. No longer wanting to take part in the brutality of it all I became vegetarian. That didn’t last long as I soon discovered the only way of life for me would be to become vegan and to never consume again the products from such a sad industry. Since becoming vegan I can honestly say I feel free in knowledge that no animal will suffer for me again. And the physical benefits of more energy and weightloss is just a bonus! I look forward to helping educate others and gives those who are voiceless, a voice.