Outrage As Jammie Dodgers Change Their Recipe Meaning They Are No Longer Vegan

For the first time in fifty years, the recipe for Jammie Dodgers has been changed - and people are furious.

The beloved biscuits now contain milk protein, and a petition against the change has already garnered more than 6,000 signatures. If this doesn’t seem like a big change, bear in mind that the new recipe means that people who are vegan or allergic to dairy products can’t enjoy the tasty treat. Ali Ryland, who started the petition, estimates that this could be up to 15% of the population, and says the new recipe is particularly bad news for “those who live in rural areas and are unable to look further afield for their biscuit fix.” London food blogger Fat Gay Vegan, who describes Dodgers as “glorious and highly-addictive”, said he received this response from the biscuit-maker when he raised the issue.

“We have recently carried out a reformulation of our Jammie Dodgers™ recipe, based on consumer feedback as how best to improve the flavour and texture of the product. The reformulation has resulted in the addition of milk proteins, in line with our mini Jammie Dodgers™, and is consequently now listed as an allergen in the ingredients. We take allergen control very seriously and aim to ensure we give the correct information to customers in order to help them make the right choices.”