Brothers Brave Dangerous Flash Floods To Rescue Stranded Wildlife

Flash floods in the southern U.S. have forced many critters to relocate or get swept away in the waters. Thankfully, many have been saved by two brothers with a boat.

If you are in a position to help others, you are morally obligated to. Such is a truth two men from the United States don’t take lightly, and they proved this to the world when they helped a number of frightened animals during a dangerous flash flood.

The Dodo reports that in several southern states, including Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, and Mississippi, there have been historic flash floods which have adversely affected humans and animals.

So far, over 23 inches of rain have fallen, forcing wildlife to relocate to safer ground or face the possibility of getting swept away.

Recognizing that animals needed help, two brothers decided to “be the change” and save some lives.

Said 26-year-old Frankie Williams, who is a plumber and also works for a landscaping company:

“My brother and I kept noticing several animals making their way out of the flooded woods into a pasture in front of our house. We had a small boat available to go check out the flooded woods. On the way to the woods driving across the flooded fields we saved several field mice, ground shrews and rabbits.” 

Williams relayed that raccoons were able to climb trees to evade the waters, but possums and armadillos were stranded on bits of land, forced to cling onto whatever they could find.

Credit: Facebook Screenshot

Credit: Facebook Screenshot

For hours, the brothers shuffled wild animals into their boat until it was safe for the critters to be released.

“I grew up with a great passion for the outdoors, [I] hate to see any animal suffer,” said the passionate activist.


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