9 Important Vegan Foods For Good Skin Health

We’re fast approaching summer and its time to get into shape and look good, first step of looking good is eating good so we’ve composed a bunch of the 9 best things to eat to optimize your health to feel and look great!

1) Tomatoes

These little red fruits are your daily hit of lycopene, a great antioxidant to prevent the signs of ageing in your skin caused by the sun, its been proven that the fruit does offer some protection against UV rays but you’ll still be wanting to put on some lotion though. We like ours on toast with a pinch of salt and some mixed herbs!


2) Sweet potato

Vitamin C is what we need and sweet potato is where its at! The collagen boosting vitamin works on your skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles, it goes best in curries but you can also just do a simple mash.


3) Flax seeds

Keeping your skin hydrated in the heat can be problematic, but flax seeds are packed with omega-3 fatty to hydrate your skin and fight wrinkles, they also lower triglyceride levels to keep your heart strong and reduce inflammation, we like to add flax to our porridge in the morning.


4) Spinach

If you like spinach then you’re in luck this summer as discovered in the International Journal of Cancer (an 11 year study) it has been found that your leafy greens will reduce your risk of skin tumours by more than 40%, why not!


5) Dark chocolate

For a good complexion you’ll be wanting an antioxidant called flavinoids, preventing cancer and heart disease the cocoa powder in dark chocolate will also give your skin a blemish free healthy glow.


6) Citrus Fruits

Like sweet potatoes these are packed with vitamin C, lemons, limes, grapefruit and oranges have been known to lower blood pressure, cholesterol levels and incredibly treat headaches as well as keeping your skin smooth.


7) Carrots

Vitamin A and essential antioxidants for healthy skin regeneration are stuffed into the beta-carotenes in carrots, its been known increase skin protection of those with sensitive skin, I personally like my carrot raw and simply sliced into sticks.


8) Walnuts

An omega-3 fatty acid ridden superfood! Keeping your arteries clear and lowering cholesterol they make you feel great as well as help you look great!


9) Safflower Oil

When applied to the skin liberally before a lay down in the sun this wonder oil isn’t just good for frying food in, it will prevent you from drying up, its also great for skin health as its been know to aid aliments such as eczema, acne, and psoriasis.