Supermarket Sale Slump In Meat Has Led To Hotel Chain Banning Bacon And Sausages

The backlash against bacon and sausages seems to have begun in the wake of the World Health Organisation’s warning over cancer risks.

Sales of the sizzling treats have slumped 10% in the wake of the WHO’s warnings – and restaurants seem to be responding, too.

A Norwegian hotel chain with more than 150 outlets has ‘banned’ bacon and sausages outright from its breakfast buffet.

In Britain, sausage and bacon sales in supermarkets have been hit hard – with a £3 million drop in sales over the past fortnight, according to IRI Retail Advantage.

The Comfort Hotels group operates 170 hotels across Scandinavia, and has also ‘reduced’ the amount of cereals and cheese on offer.

The group’s owner Petter Stordalen told newspaper Hegnar that he believed that customers ‘will appreciate a good, healthy start to the day’.

Reactions from customers have been ‘mixed’, staff have admitted in interviews, after the scheme launched in hotels in Sweden.