A Boston Shelter Was Extremely Happy To Share This Photo, And Here’s Why

They temporarily achieved their ultimate goal.

Credit: Animal Rescue League of Boston

Credit: Animal Rescue League of Boston

Unlike for-profit businesses, non-profits have one ultimate goal: to become obsolete, because the cause they work so hard for is no longer a problem in the world. Though this ultimate goal is rarely, if ever, attained, they still work tirelessly to make it happen by helping out where they can.

For the Animal Rescue League of Boston, this translates into adopting out of all their animals and having no new, homeless arrivals to fill their spots. Basically, not having incoming animals is the dream because that would mean that all the available pets in the area have a home.

It may have been short-lived, but the rescue was able to achieve this goal for their cats by adopting out all 15 of the ones they were housing in just one weekend.

The rescue wrote on their Facebook:

“More than 15 cats found their purr-fect homes over the weekend, which means our Boston adoption center currently has ZERO cats available for adoption! This fantastic news certainly deserves a high paw.”

Credit: Shannon Elizabeth

Credit: Shannon Elizabeth

In response, cat-lovers who had previously adopted from ARL shared their rescue story in the comments section and spread the love. Facebook user Stephanie Elizabeth wrote about her cat,

“Thanks for our Sammy that we adopted from you two years ago. We recently had a pawty for her 5th birthday and then just last weekend we celebrated her Gotcha Day/Adoptiversary. She is living the good life! She has a senior doggy sister rescued from a puppy mill, and two mice brothers. They all get along splendidly. Sammy has also gotten to travel the country with us.”

Credit: Giselle Portuondo

Credit: Giselle Portuondo

Others also commented to thank ARL for all they do, including taking care of their loved ones before these families came to rescue them.

“Thanks for taking care of my little Amie! One year on and she’s still a happy little bundle of joy!” said cat owner Giselle Portuondo.

It’s awesome that the rescue was able to be free of cats, but there are still 3.4 million cats up for adoption in the U.S. that need forever homes. Visit your local shelter and find your new best friend!


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