Animal Rights Or Islamophobia? Campaigners Urge Germans To Place Pork In Halal Sections

 Animal rights campaigners urge Germans to place pork in the halal sections of shops.

BERLIN (Staff Report) – A group of social media activists are urging citizens in Germany to place pork in Halal sections of supermarkets, terming the slaughter of animals as an unethical act.The facebook page of Halal Challenge campaign says “put pork on Halal counter, film your action and then upload the video to your Facebook timeline, Instagram or YouTube, and nominate any of your friends to participate in the challenge.”

The campaigners have further called the slaughtering of animals a psycho act and vowed to bring awareness to the methods used to produce Halal meat.

However a report of Deutsche Welle claims that most of the activists involved in the campaign are known for their extreme right-wing activism, not animal rights.

One of the campaigners, while talking in Russia on sunday, even said that ‘Islam is being given more space in Germany which is bad.’

A German Muslim Reza Kazim, who is a member of Islamic Human Rights Commission, was also quoted as saying “the campaign is specifically targeting Muslims in Germany, under the guise of championing animal rights.”

The matter of animal rights is being used against Muslims and such campaign must be condemned in a country like Germany which strongly encourages democratic norms and personal choices to practice any religion, he said.


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