Swan Hugs Man After Being Rescued From Chain-Link Fence

After being rescued from a traumatic situation, a swan wrapped its neck around its rescuer in a stunning display of gratitude.

Credit: Born To Explore / Facebook
Unlike domesticated pets, swans aren’t particularly affectionate creatures. This swan, however, didn’t hesitate to display its gratitude – and trust – toward a man after being rescued from a traumatic situation.

When Richard Wiese, host of the television show “Born to Explore,” visited the U.K.’s Abbotsbury Swannery a few years ago, he came across an injured swan in need of assistance. The swan, reports ABC News, had been injured flying into a chain-link fence. Wiese was trying to make the swan feel comfortable enough for transport and succeeded beyond his expectations.

Credit: Born To Explore / Facebook
Said Wiese:

“When I put it next to me I could feel its heart beating and it just relaxed its neck and wrapped it around mine. It’s a wonderful moment when an animal totally trusts you.”

As you can see in the photos, the swan wrapped its elegant neck around Richard’s shoulders, and the stunning moment was caught on camera.

Credit: Born To Explore / Facebook
In the wild, swans are normally territorial creatures who will defend themselves against potential predators – including humans. Even Wiese told ABC News that while swans are beautiful, “they can be vicious” around people.

Luckily, this encounter turned out memorable – in a positive way – for all involved. The swan looks perfectly content in Wiese’s arms, demonstrating once again the potential for humans and wildlife to peacefully co-exist.

Credit: Born To Explore / Facebook
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Photo Credit: Born To Explore / Facebook