Homeless Forest-Dwelling Man Gives Up 31 Dogs In His Care

A Tennessee man who has lived in the woods of the Natchez Trace State Park for years with his 31 dogs has surrendered them.

According to the Animal Rescue Corps, the man has health issues and, therefore, by accepting help, he is finally letting the group find homes for the dogs.

“It was a very interesting, unique situation,” said Scotlund Haisley, the organization’s president. “I wouldn’t call it hoarding, and he wasn’t abusing or neglecting the animals for profit. He was providing care for the animals.”

Haisley said the man had been living in the forest for at least 16 years. The community, who was aware of the man, had banded together so the man could receive medical attention, but he didn’t want to leave his dogs.

“Members of the community have been working with this man to improve his way of life, and this rescue is part of it,” Haisley said. “He wasn’t going to abandon the dogs and accept the help for himself without first finding a group to take the dogs. We are very glad to be able to assist.”

The dogs have been taken to a shelter in Lebanon, Tennessee, with most of them suffering from internal parasites and problem teeth. Three have serious leg injuries.

Animal Rescue Corps is not recommending the face criminal charges because the surrender was voluntary.

We hope that both the man and his dogs receive the much-needed TLC they need — as well as a forever home.


2016 by Brianne Hogan

Photo Credit: Animal Rescue Corps, Amiee Stubbs