Dog Destined For Death In An Asian Meat Market Finds A Forever Home

A dog that was left for dead after being found in a South Korea meat market now has a forever home.

Her journey to Arizona wasn’t an easy one, but after recovering from horrific abuse for about 3 months, she’s now making one Phoenix family very happy.

Chi Chi is a two-year-old golden retriever. She was being raised for her meat in South Korea, where it’s legal and quite common.

After being abused and thrown away like garbage, she’s recovering and taking in her new home with her new family.

“It was just a happy feeling, I don’t know how else to describe it.”

The Howells are meeting their newest family member for the first time today, which means better days are ahead for Chi Chi.

“I’m just looking forward to getting to know her and love her and care for her and make her feel safe every day,” said Elizabeth Howell.

Chi Chi was rescued from a South Korean meat market by ARME, a global animal rescue group.

“She was tortured for we don’t know how long, legs bound, probably hung upside down,” said Shannon Keith, founder of ARME.

Because of infections her meat was deemed no good so she was thrown in the trash and left for dead.

“In order to save her life because of her infection all four of her legs had to be amputated,” said Keith.

The Howell’s have adopted three other dogs.

“She’s going to sleep in my room with me at night and I’m going to get to play with her because our other dogs pretty much sleep all day,” said Megan Howell.

When they heard Chi Chi’s story, they knew they had to have her.

“I think the best part of Chi Chi is going to be sharing her story with the world and her spirit to live is going to affect people and it’s going to make people happy,” said Richard Howell.

Chi Chi will soon be fitted for new prosthetics….and her journey isn’t over just yet.

The Howell’s are getting her certified to be a therapy dog….that way she can bring people the same joy she’s brought them.

“I think her story is really special and once we get her certified as a therapy dog I think she can improve some peoples live greatly,” Megan said.

The ARME group is working to end illegal slaughtering of dogs and cats here in the united states. They’re also working to stop the abuse of animals in places like South Korea.