Meet Bubba The Cat Who Has Gone To School Everyday For 6 Years and Has His Own Student Card

Meet Bubba the cat - a moggy with his own student ID card.

The adorable feline has been attending school for six years, and as these fantastic pictures show he’s a keen learner.

Paying Attention: Bubba was snapped here in maths class hanging on every word

His owner Amber Marienthal adopted the cat back in 2009 and Bubba has been joining her in class ever since.

The unlikely pair both go to Leland High School in San Jose, where staff have decided to make Bubba an official member. Students have even created a Facebook page dedicated to Bubba, which currently has over 30,000 likes. 

“People want me to get him on Instagram,” said the owner. “I only have so much time to devote to my cat’s social life.”

Bubba has featured in the student newspaper and yearbook. There’s even talk of getting him a cap and gown for graduation.

Bubba featuring on the front of the 2014 year book

Bubba climbed the social ranks at the school quickly. So much so, they made him an official student, complete with an ID card.

Official Student: Bubba has to be the least likely high school pupil ever

Bubba has been seen lying in the middle of the school’s football field during practice.

 He was also once accidentally locked in a classroom for 36 hours, until a security guard heard him meowing and set him free.

Locker inspection time!

Everyday after school, Bubba wanders back home to sleep before starting another school day. Meow that’s what we call learning!