Watch: Animal rights activist arrested after jumping fence to protest pig chase at Ephrata Fair

An animal rights activist was arrested while disrupting the pig chase event at the Ephrata Fair Tuesday night, police said.

Kelly A. Lehman, 29, of Lancaster, was at the Ephrata Fair to protest the pig chase event, Ephrata police said in a press release. Police met with Lehman at the start of the event and cautioned her not to interfere with or disrupt the pig chase.

Prior to the end of the event at around 8:45 p.m., Lehman jumped a fence and entered the pig chase area, disrupting the event, police said. Police arrested her and said they will be filing a disorderly conduct charge against her.

 Children separated into various age groups and some adults chase after greased pigs of various sizes and try to catch them in the long-held event at the five-day fair. The 97th annual fair is billed as the “largest street fair in Pennsylvania.”

Prior to the pig chases, Lehman had posted on a Facebook page as “Kahdashia Adams, of Reading” urging people to protest the event. No organized protest was reported.

After the event, Lehman on Wednesday posted the following on the Facebook page:

“Shame on you Ephrata fair for allowing this violence in our community. Their screams will not be silenced. We were mocked and laughed at but we will not be silenced. These are sentient, intelligent, thinking, feeling animals with unique and beautiful personalities, each one brilliantly different from the other. Just like the cats and dogs we love and allow into our homes and hearts, JUST LIKE US. This behavior will not be tolerated. One struggle one fight, human freedom animal rights. We are ALL in this together. Compassion and respect WILL win.”

Attempts to reach Lehman Wednesday for comment failed.

Stephanie Smith, a secretary of the fair, thanked the onsite Ephrata police for “responding in a professional manner” during the pig chase.

She said some have protested the event before, but not for several years before Tuesday.

“It is a family fun night,” Smith said.

A short clip of what the greased pig chase entails: