Top 15 Facts To Prove Why The Vegan Diet Is Superior

Despite years of overwhelming evidence there still seems to be a group of people (usually with financial motives) who question the health validity of the vegan diet. Here are the FACTS that show why the vegan diet is so preferential for human health:

  1. The vegan diet is superior in terms of providing more essential nutrients to the body. Thousands of different phytochemicals, high levels of fibre (not available from meat), more vitamin C, more folate, more antioxidants, more vitamin E. The list goes on and on.
  2. Vegan diets are very low in calories, cholesterol and saturated fats (unless you eat unhealthy processed vegan foods).
  3. Subsequently, cardiovascular events are practically non-existent in the vegan community.
  4. Obesity is dramatically less prevalent in the vegan community.
  5. Type 2 diabetes is practically non-existent in the vegan community.
  6. Cancer rates are lower among vegans.
  7. Vegan diets remove most foods that are implicated for causing many of the leading causes of death and disease.
  8. Many vegans enjoy very low blood pressure.
  9. Despite many popular myths, vegans have the same (or better in many cases) bone density as those who eat meat, dairy and eggs. And in fact, vegans benefit from fewer bone fractures in older age. This is providing that at least 600mg of calcium a day is consumed via plants.
  10. Vegans also show no higher rates of vitamin D or iron deficiency despite claims from parts of the media.
  11. B12 deficiency is not simply a vegan issue. Many people who eat meat also suffer from B12 deficiency. A simple weekly or daily B12 supplement sorts the issue for most vegans.
  12. Despite perceptions, vegans tend to have the same muscle mass as those who consume meat, dairy and eggs.
  13. In every independent, peer reviewed study to date, vegans have better overall health compared to meat eaters.
  14. Vegans also have dramatically fewer mental health conditions.
  15. More and more people are changing to vegan diets to prevent and in many cases reverse disease (including heart disease, strokes and diabetes).