At Last!! Quorn’s New Vegan Range Available In The UK

Vegans in the UK know all too well to avoid Quorn’s distinctive orange and white packets in the supermarket. After all, the majority of Quorn products contain egg and most contain milk. But, at last, it’s the news vegans in the UK have been waiting for - after years of bombarding Quorn with the question, ‘When will you be bringing vegan products to the UK?’ Quorn have taken notice of the UK’s estimated 300,000 vegans* and, from October, the first vegan Quorn products will be available in UK supermarkets. Cue the sound of vegans in the UK rejoicing.

The first products to appear will be Quorn Vegan Pieces and Quorn Vegan Hot & Spicy Burgers, with further products in the vegan range to follow.

Julian Cooke, head of category management at Quorn Foods, said: “The launch of Quorn Vegan marks an exciting new chapter for Quorn Foods and we are thrilled to be bringing these innovative products to the market, demand for which has been driven by our consumers.

“Our social media channels have been inundated with consumer requests for a range of Quorn products to be Vegan friendly. With such a strong demand and following we know this launch will be widely celebrated by vegans across the UK.”

Julian Cooke said that Quorn’s own research had highlighted the increasing popularity of vegan products being consumed in the home with vegan meals being enjoyed by both vegan and non-vegan family members at mealtimes.

“The Vegan Society has welcomed the launch and we are working with the Society to obtain the Vegan trademark sunflower on the Quorn Vegan range, from the 2016.”

So, that’s good news for vegans in the UK. Let’s hope the rest of the range follows soon and that other manufacturers take Quorn’s lead and introduce more vegan products into their own ranges.

Quorn Vegan Pieces will be available at Asda from October 2015 in packs weighing 280g, RRP £2.49 but available in Waitrose as of today.

Quorn Hot & Spicy Burger will be available at Asda from October 2015 in packs of four, also with a RRP of £2.49.

The other leading retailers will follow during quarter 4 2015 into 2016.