Animal Rights Activists Crash Fourth Of July Hot Dog Eating Competition In Brooklyn

Direct Action Everywhere, who were behind the incident, claimed blood represented ‘violence of animal agriculture’

Animal rights protesters stormed the annual Nathan’s Famous hot dog eating competition and sprayed fake blood over one of the contestants.

Screams rang out from the crowd as an activist climbed onto the stage, grabbed a frank from an eater’s hand and doused him in a red liquid.

Footage showed at least three of them, dressed in red t-shirts and white hats bearing the Nathan’s 100th anniversary logo, being led away by police.

The Direct Action Everywhere group claimed responsibility for the incident and said the blood ‘represented the violence of animal agriculture’.

‘This grotesque event takes a day of celebration and turns it into a festival of violence and gore for animals no different than our dogs and cats,” said activist Rachel Zeigler after the competition.

The activists, who tried to display a black banner to the crowd, were also protesting against cruel and unsafe practices at large pig and beef farms.


2016 by Hannah Parry

Photo Credit: Reuters