Zizzi’s Become The First UK Chain Restaurant To Launch Vegan Cheesy Pizza

Eating out is tricky for vegans. While some restaurants now do ranges of vegan food, one item that’s certainly always off the menus is cheese. Imagine how disappointing it would be to go to a pizza restaurant and not be able to eat pizza. It makes us sad.

The good news is, Zizzi have just become the first chain restaurant to introduce melting vegan mozzarella cheese for its pizzas. Big yay.

And with it, they’ve opened up a world of pizza possibilities.

As well as margherita, diners can add extra toppings including artichokes, butternut squash, caramelised balsamic, onions, roasted garlic cloves, fire roasted peppers, field mushrooms, black olives, green chillies, balsamic tomatoes, roasted red onions and spinach.

There are now 14 dishes on the menu, including a gluten free vegan pizza, vegan bruschetta, vegan garlic bread and vegan spaghetti pomodoro (which comes with the same toppings as the pizza).

And of course there are plenty more pizza options once you’ve added your own toppings.

There’s also a brand new vegan nectarini dessert, which is two nectarine halves, each filled with coconut and mango swirl gelato and fresh mint.

The vegan pizza starts at £7.95 and extra toppings are 80p each.