The Bourgeois Pig Owner Announces Plans To Go Vegan At All Of His Restaurants And Bars

The man behind 15 of NYC’s hottest restaurants and bars just took a huge leap for the environment.

Ravi DeRossi, the mastermind behind such culinary landmarks as The Bourgeois Pig, announced this week that he will overhaul all 15 of his restaurants and bars to serve vegan-only menus.

The valiant restaurateur is on a mission to save the planet by serving refined vegan cuisine, telling Eater, “I’ve been such a strain on society for 40 years now, it’s time for me to be more productive.”

It’s no big news that animal consumption is wreaking havoc on our planet. A 2014 study found that the meat and livestock industry is causing more carbon emissions than transport.

DeRossi understands this dilemma, and has decided to use his influence in the restaurant industry to combat the issue. He has taken a stand in many areas of his life, also founding the cruelty-free non-profit, Beast.

DeRossi’s new vegan empire will kick off with a revamp of the popular Polynesian tiki-bar, Mother of Pearl, featuring a fruit and vegetable-centric menu orchestrated by vegan chef Daphne Cheng.

Later this summer, the landmark charcuterie and fondue bar, The Bourgeois Pig, will transform into a cruelty-free wine and tapas bar called LadyBird.

According to Eater, DeRossi will open a second location of Avant Garden this fall, one of his already successful vegan hotspots in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

The new restaurant will make vegan dining even more in vogue, serving up classy, yet affordable cocktails, a tasting table, a vegan butcher, and a commissary kitchen. Great news!


2016 by Laura Mordas-Schenkein