Idiot Beachgoers Drag Shark From Ocean To Take Photos

It’s been two weeks since a baby dolphin was yanked from the ocean and passed around for selfies - contributing to its early death, but the outrage sparked by animal rights activists apparently did little to prevent the same from happening again…


Two weeks after a mob of unintelligent tourists snatched a baby dolphin from the ocean and passed it around for selfies – ultimately contributing to its early death, a group of men in Florida have basically done the same thing…

As is captured in the video above, several figures dragged a shark from the ocean and posed with it before releasing it into the water.

Credit: Ashleigh Walters / Facebook

The footage, captured by Florida news anchor Ashleigh Walters, does not reveal how long the shark was out of its natural habitat. However, it is noted that the fish appeared weak and disoriented when it was finally released.

Credit: Ashleigh Walters / Facebook

Walters also notes that the shark was later taken farther out to sea and didn’t resurface “for several minutes.” 

Shark fishing may be legal in North America, but that doesn’t make the ugly actions of the male beachgoers acceptable. Or does it? 

Credit: Ashleigh Walters / Facebook


2016 by Amanda Froelich

Photo Credit: Ashleigh Walters / Facebook