Watch: Russell Simmons Defends Veganism Like A Boss!

Celebrity vegan Russell Simmons has heard the same tired non-vegan excuses for 17 years. So when he joins Senior Editor James Hamblin in a video segment called If Bodies Could Talk on The Atlantic, he’s quick to shut down vegan critics.

The Happy Vegan author, more universally known for founding Def Jam, fields everything from “being vegan is expensive,” to “I can’t give up meat because meat is delicious.” In the calm, cool, and collected way this celebrity advocate has come to be known for, he gives us all a little more backup for the next time we hear these comments.

Simmons teaches Hamblin that he’s not the first vegan celebrity, and that vegan foods like curry are accessible everywhere. He even goes on to make us blush by saying that vegans are “humble, sweet, compassionate, human beings.” I would love to know Simmons’ answers to “but we have canines for a reason” and “I can’t live without b12.” Maybe he’ll sit down with us for a sequel!

Check out the video:


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