Leonardo DiCaprio Is Giving $15 Million To Help Save The Planet

While at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, the Oscar nominee pledged to give $15 million to sustainability and conservation projects around the world.

The environmentalist made the announcement Tuesday evening during his acceptance speech for the Crystal Award, which was he honoured for “improving the state of the world.”

And it seems DiCaprio isn’t at all finished with improving our Earth yet.

“We simply cannot afford to allow the corporate greed of the coal, oil and gas industries to determine the future of humanity,” he said. “Those entities with a financial interest in preserving this destructive system have denied—and even covered-up—the evidence of our changing climate. Enough is enough. You know better. The world knows better. History will place the blame for this devastation squarely at their feet.”

The “Revenant” star revealed his shock at witnessing ancient glaciers rapidly disappearing while traveling making his new environmental documentary.

DiCaprio’s pledges donated through his foundation will decrease the world’s dependency on fossil fuels and improve the environment. According to fast co. exist., “the donations are divided up among a number of organizations: $6 million to Oceana and Skytruth for Global Fishing Watch; $1 million to the Nature Conservancy for its Seychelles debt-for-nature swap project; $3.2 million to Rainforest Action Network and Haka to protect the Sumatran rainforest, $3.4 million to Clearwater and the Ceibo Alliance in South America; and $1.5 million to the Solutions Project.”

This is the second time in six months that the actor has donated $15 million to help save the planet. Last July, DiCaprio gave out the same sum in grants to environmental organizations working on conservation projects around the world, including Save The ElephantsTree People, WaterKeeper and the World Wildlife Fund.

In his speech, the actor said the Paris Agreement “was a call to action, it is now up to all of us to build on this progress with ingenuity and a commitment to change. Together we are fighting to preserve our fragile climate from irreversible damage, and devastation of unthinkable proportions.”


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