New Vegan Fast Food Concept Launching in San Diego

Vegan food just got a whole lot faster — and delicious — in San Diego with the launch ofPlant Power Fast Food.

The new concept, which opens later this month, promises “100% plant-based fast food made without the use of GMO’s, artificial ingredients & other weird stuff.”

Customers will be able to drive-up to (or walk inside of) the restaurant and order an array of vegan food, including burgers, shakes, fries, tacos, wraps, smoothies, salads, and fresh juices.

Inside the Ocean Beach haunt will be a hip interior, Latest Vegan News reports, complete with bamboo tables and aluminum chairs.

The new spot was founded by a group of ethical vegans, including Zach Vouga and Mitch Wallis.

“Giving birth to this new brand has really been a team effort. The PlantPower Fast Food team is made up of the three partners, a family of supportive investors and a group of wonderful enthusiastic employees,” said Wallis, according to Eater. “We know that so many people have been waiting for healthier options for traditional fast food and we’re really excited to bring something new to the table.”

The hope is that PlantPower Fast Food will eventually expand, becoming a national franchise. Maybe like a vegan Sonic? In the meantime, a second restaurant is in the works in Encinitas, in southern California, which should open by mid-to-late 2016.

Vegan fast food seems to be growing more than ever before. With the launch of Amy’s Kitchen vegan drive-thru last year — and even White Castle serving up plant-based options – we sure are ‘lovin’ it.’