When Cat Island In Japan Ran Out Of Food, The Internet Did Something Amazing To Provide For The Hungry Felines

On Cat Island, felines outnumber humans 6 to 1. So when poor weather disrupted the critters’ food supply, caretakers were quick to ask the internet for help…

Credit: Aoshima / Twitter

Aoshima, also known as Cat Island, is a tiny remote island located in the Ehime Prefecture of southern Japan. Believe it or not, cats on this island outnumber humans 6 to 1, hence its name.

While the prospect of living on an island filled with cats might sound pretty amazing, imagine what residents have to deal with when the food supply for the felines gets low, as it did recently due to poor weather conditions…

Credit: Aoshima / Twitter

Because bad weather prevented food supplies from being delivered to Aoshima – where there are no stores or vending machines, one caretaker recently turned to the internet for assistance:

With mind to prevent a feline uprising, she tweeted:

“Please send cat food to Aoshima. There are no stores to buy food here on Aoshima. The people here acquire their necessities by taking a boat to the mainland. However, it’s extremely windy in winter, and boat service is often suspended.”

Credit: Aoshima / Twitter

Amazingly, only a few days passed before the island received its first delivery. The caretaker Tweeted:

“Thank you for all the supplies.

We can’t get any more cat food in the storage area, so we put it in the waiting room.

With things the way they are now, we have enough food to last until the end of March, so please don’t send any more for now.

Thank you very much.”

Credit: Aoshima / Twitter

Credit: Aoshima / Twitter

But then the donations didn’t stop, forcing the caretaker to tell the internet:

“Please stop sending supplies (cat food) to Aoshima. We got far more than we ever expected, and there’s no more storage room. We’ll be fine until April. Thank you all very much.” 

Credit: Aoshima / Twitter

Internet, we salute you.

Credit: Aoshima / Twitter

Wonderful things can happen when people join together for a unified purpose.

Credit: Aoshima / Twitter


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Photo Credit: Aoshima / Twitter