Woman Who Ran Over A Little Tree Frog With Lawn Mower Was So Guilt-Stricken, She Flew Him 1,000 Kilometers To Hospital

A woman who accidentally ran over a green tree frog with her lawn mower was left so grief-stricken that she patched up its wounds with a gauze and flew it 1,000 kilometres to hospital.

Min Tims mowed down the frog as she was cutting her grass in Mount Isa, Queensland.

The amphibian suffered a cut to its head during the accident before Ms Tims bandaged up the wound.

But not content with the treatment she gave it, she transported the frog from Mount Isa to the Frog Safe hospital in Cairns.


Ms Morgan’s niece Felicia Morgan, from Townsville, told the Brisbane Times that she had been left ‘devastated’ by the accident.

She told the newspaper: ‘She was devastated and asked if I could say prayers for him.

‘She sent me a photo of him and then I was devastated and I knew he needed help so I told her to go to their first aid kit and get out gauze pad and wet it and put it on the wound.’

Ms Morgan then researched where to get help and discovered Frog Safe - a hospital designated for frogs - in Cairns.

The following morning the frog was transported to the airport and flown to the hospital.

President of Frog Safe Deborah Pergolotti picked up the amphibian, believed to be about two to three years old, from the airport.

She told the Brisbane Times that the frog suffered ‘serious wounds’ on his back and above its eye.

The frog underwent treatment at the hospital and will soon be released back into the wild.