New Dairy Free Pistachio And Pecan Milk To Hit Shelves Soon

Cold-pressed juice brand Juisi introduces new line of nut milks in flavors such as Strawberry Pecan, Dark Chocolate Pistachio, and Vanilla Beach Cashew.

A new entry into the lucrative nut milk industry has emerged in NÜMOO, a line of dairy-free milks from popular cold-pressed juice brand Juisi. Available in Raw Chocolate Almond, Vanilla Beach Cashew, Strawberry Pecan, Blueberry Coconut, Dark Chocolate Pistachio, Vanilla Bean Pistachio, Strawberry Pistachio, and Espresso Pistachio Latte, the new beverages are made without stabilizers, gums, lecithin, or GMOs; are organic; and are sweetened with dates or maple syrup—all qualities that co-founder Joe Savino say differentiate his product from the rest. “When people think of almond milk now, they’re thinking of the big players out there like Silk and different WhiteWave products, which really aren’t almond milk,” Savino told BevNET. “They’re not clean (label) ingredients. It’s not something you would make at home. We’re looking to take almond milk and make it exactly the way you would create it in your kitchen, except we’re doing it in a ready-to-drink format.” NÜMOO pistachio milks are a Whole Foods Market exclusive, while all other flavors are available throughout the eastern US with geographic and flavor expansions in the works.