Installation Of Cameras In Slaughterhouses To Go Ahead In Israel

Undercover investigation spurs Ministry of Agriculture to order the installation of cameras in the country’s slaughterhouses.

In response to undercover video footage exposing animal abuse at several of the country’s slaughterhouses, Israel’s Ministry of Agriculture announced plans to install smart cameras to monitor activity inside slaughterhouses. The group—in conjunction with Let Animals Live—said that “these are factories who by nature are involved in abuse and killing, and the investigations that we have performed have proven that even the minimum requirements of the law are not being applied.” According to The Jerusalem Post, approximately 400 cameras and 50 digital recording systems will be installed in 50 slaughterhouses this year to stream live footage 24/7 to a central ministry control room. Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel said, “We were witnesses to various severe cases at slaughterhouses around Israel. On the one hand, we cannot generalize, but on the other hand we must increase monitoring and enforcement or else these cases will not change.” While there is no such thing as taking an animal’s life humanely, the presence of cameras inside slaughterhouses will promote transparency and accountability on the kill floor.