Vancouver Cat Cafe Temporarily Closes After Running Out of Cats

Credit: Catfe

We knew cat cafes were super popular, but this is awesome.

The adorably named, Catfé, a Vancouver spot that’s part-café, part-foster home for adoptable rescue cats, has briefly closed because all of their cute kitties were adopted.

“Due to the overwhelming success of adoptions in our first few weeks, we have run out of cats!,” reads a message posted on its website.

The cat cafe, the only one of its kind in Vancouver, opened last month with 11 cats from the BC SPCA. Within three weeks, all of their tenants found their forever homes — the only instance in which catlessness is totally acceptable.

We are closed until Friday due to CATLESSNESS. See for more info.

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The cafe is made to house only eight to twelve cats. Some have suggested that the cafe work with other rescue shelters to house more cats. Given the success of their spot, it certainly seems like a good idea, however Catfé said, “Most shelters are not willing to mix their cats with other shelters’ cats, due to differing protocols.”

Those looking to find a new furry friend, don’t despair. After poor weather conditions and road closures delayed the delivery of new cats, the cafe plans to welcome new kitties by Jan. 8.

But you better make your reservations quick! At this rate, the cats could go any day meow.