PETA Launch New Billboard To Remind Motorist’s To Ditch Wool This Winter

PETA’s #WoolFreeWinter campaign officially hit Chicago and Wichita this week with billboards featuring a mutilated sheep emerging from the sweater of a horrified man.

“As we’ve seen in countless investigations, there’s no humane way to shop for wool socks, sweaters, coats, or accessories,” says PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman. “PETA is calling on caring people everywhere to leave wool on the rack this winter and stay toasty with stylish, vegan clothing.”

PETA released an international exposé of the wool industry in Australia—the source of 90 percent of the world’s merino wool—and the U.S. that revealed that workers violently punched scared sheep in the face, stomped and stood on the animals’ heads and necks, and beat and jabbed them in the face with electric clippers and a hammer. Some sheep even died from the abuse, including one whose neck was twisted until the animal died.