Did You Know That……..Cows

Its sad to think that people associate Cows as merely food products with us being at the top of the food chain. Here are some facts about these undervalued animals to help others understand how these sentient beings are more than just food on a plate.

Did you know that……. 

  • Cows worry about what they don’t understand, and experience “eureka” moments when they solve a puzzle, such as how to open a difficult gate.
  • Cows have best friends — and become stressed when separated.
  • Cows are extremely curious creatures and investigate anything and everything.
  • Cows, are curious, bear grudges, love each other baby sit for one another and have friends
  • Cows are good mothers and have been known to walk for miles to find their calves.
  • In natural circumstances cattle can live 25 years or more.
  • Cows spots are all uniquely different, there are never two with the same pattern of spots or makings.
  • Cows like to sleep close to their families, and sleeping arrangements are determined by individuals’ rank in the social hierarchy.
  • Cows have almost 360° panoramic vision. This helps them to see predators coming from any direction.
  • Cows have an excellent sense of smell. They can detect odours up to five miles away. They can also hear both low and high frequency sounds beyond human capability.
  • The cow is a protected animal in Hinduism, and Hindus do not eat beef. Cows are honoured at least once a year, on Gopastami. On this day cows are washed and decorated in temples.

Sadly, these intelligent, sociable and sensitive animals are subject to horrific lives before they are slaughtered for food. Please stand up for these insightful animals! Click here for 100 quick vegan tips to help you transition as easy as possible.